There are four shopping cart solutions which may be employed.
  • A form to mail in which the user send purchase and credit card information to the vender via e-mail. Vender then processes the card and ships.
  • A Photo Gallery in which "Buy Me" buttons (Pay Pal for instance) are inserted. The card processing occur's on the button provides site. The vender is credited with the funds and ships.
  • A real shopping cart (We usually use OSCommerce for this approach.) which runs on our server and allows the customer to search for, select and order products (or downloads) The credit card info can be processed by the vender, or an online bank. Vender is, then, credited with funds and ships.
  • A shopping cart that resides on an external server.

    The first approach works only for simple orders and is not very secure
    The second works well for larger, but still uncomplicated orders and is very secure, in that someone else has the responsibility to protect credit card info. We recommend:  : Open a Store Now

    The third uses set of php scripts on our server and a MySql database. The vender may ad, delete, and edit all entries, but tends to be expensive and not very secure..

    Remember: orders processed in "real time" must, by law, ship within 48 hrs.
    If you are not positive of your inventory, off line processing should be considered.