Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Will having an internet presence increase my business?
A) Only if you incorporate your site as part of a total marketing program.

Q) Can I rely on search engines for new business?
A) The short answer is: Eventually. The latest improvements in Google and Bing emphize local search and quick indexing.
If your market is local search will deliver your site to potential customers within weeks of publishing.

However, if your market is wider and your margins sufficient, you might want to consider using "pay per click".

Q) How can you develope sites so inexpensively?
A) As most small businesses need to present the same information (Who are we, Where are we, What do we offer, etc.) we have scripts and styles which we have used previously ready to go.
The sites we develop are not "cookie cutter" but only make use of similar features.

Please contact us with other questions that you would like answered here.