If you are considering a web presence for your business you have some decisions to make:
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Your Purpose:

  • Is this site simply informational?
    This is a: VANITY SITE

  • Do you want new customers to be able to find your site?
    This is a: BILLBOARD SITE

  • Do you want to interact with your customers?
    That is an: Data Base Driven Site
  • Your Budget:

  • Do you want to save money by assisting in the design and maintenance of your site and have the ability to publish, edit and delete information to selected pages yourself?
    This is a standard feature on all sites we develop.

  • Would you like the ability to set up and/or change e-mail addresses, vacation messages, passwords, submit to search engines, etc. yourself?
    These are standard features on all sites we develop.
  • Marketability:

  • Is you market diverse enough that a "MIRROR SITE" in another language or for mobile users makes sense?

  • Is "LOAD TIME" important to you?

  • Is "SEARCH ENGINE PLACEMENT" important to you?
    SEO is a standard feature on all sites we develop.
  • Is "SOCIAL NETWORKING" important to you?
    A standard feature on all sites we develop.