We will be happy to design a web site for you, however we only develop sites for our hosting service. Naturally we will host a site that you have designed as well.

We can offer custom graphics to your specifications but prefer that you third party contract theses. Interactive forms, blog setups, e-mail marketing, pages for mobile devices, pages in translation, and an outstanding shopping cart are among our many services.

We believe that you will find our rates very reasonable.

For "rush" jobs please consider purchasing a template for your application
or suggest an existing site that has the look, feel and functionality that you are seeking as a starting point.
Standard Features and Services (No Extra Charge)
For Search engines:
  • An HTML site map
  • A Google xml site map
  • A Bing xml site map
  • Google Anaylitics
  • A Facebook "like Button"
  • For Cross Browser Compatibility:
    All our sites are tested in the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox.
    For Usability:
  • All our sites provide a hidden control panel from which the user may setup new e-mail addresses, vacation messages and e-mail forwards.
  • From this hidden control panel, the user may also upload replacement graphics.
  • Coding Style:
    All our sites are hand coded.
    We prefer UNIX servers and table layouts in that so many of the scripts we use return in tables.